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The Production Team

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Executive Producer

Born and raised in Germany and the U.K., Steffi founded five three double ninety film productions 20 years ago and has tried on different levels to empower women who are in less fortunate situations than herself throughout a very successful career.

After having shot a documentary in Bangalore/India, she learned about the abuse and the daily dangers and challenges women in a certain social environment have to face. She felt lost and the urgent need to help and when she heard through Kriti and Rees Dale about his intended project, she immediately agreed to crowdfund and executive produce it.



Director, Producer
& Editor

Originally from Wales, Rees has worked in the film industry for over 15 years, primarily in post-production but has evolved into writing and directing.

Before settling in Germany, Rees worked all over the world, including nearly 4 years in India which is how he first encountered this story, which he became determined to tell and has been developing it ever since.

Coming from a family affected by blindness and being somebody who teaches and trains in judo, he feels uniquely placed to create a beautiful film and will bring a tireless determination to make it happen.


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Cinematographer & Producer

Born and raised in Northern India, Kriti studied film in Mumbai and has worked in the film industry in India, Malta and Germany for many years in different positions.

Having found her talent lies with the camera, Kriti has become a talented camerawoman and shoots with care and respect and is determined to not only capture captivating imagery but to do it in a way that feels safe for those on camera to open up.

Knowing the difficult situation those in the film face in their daily lives, Kriti is hugely inspired to capture their lives on camera and, as somebody who also knows the sport of Judo well, feels well placed to capture the action and help tell this story visuaIly.

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